Custom EarthX Batteries

EarthX, Inc. engineers and manufactures custom lithium batteries for many unique applications. Our custom batteries are used in many different industries where battery life, weight, and reliability are critical. We offer deep cycle capabilities with a high rate of discharge.

These industries include solar backup power solutions, battery-powered devices that require an extended operating temperature range, emergency lighting, backup traffic lights, train crossing lights, department of defense applications, battery-operated tools for use in the cement industry, medical devices and more. Typical custom batteries volume range is 200+ units.

Benefits of a Custom Lithium Battery:

  • 80% lighter than a lead acid battery
  • Offers deep cycle ability with a high rate of discharge capability
  • No freezing, boiling, corroding, or sulfating
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Works well outdoors in the heat and have a higher temperature rating than lead acid batteries
  • If properly sized, these batteries can work well in cold as they don’t get damaged by freezing as lead acid batteries do
  • Quick, easy, and rechargeable energy source (solar charging is a great solution for outdoor applications)
  • Last significantly longer than a lead acid battery
  • Saves you money, as you don’t need to constantly replace batteries

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