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Whether you use a snowmobile, ATV, automobile, or plane, having a jump pack on hand is critical for giving your battery a boost. With the EarthX 12V-24V battery jump packs, you’re covered for any moment your battery runs out of juice.

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About EarthX Lithium Battery Jump Packs

EarthX jump packs make it easy to jump start your vehicle with everything you require included in a kit. Our lithium battery jump packs include a wall charger, jumper cable, carrying case and adapter cables for use with 12V and 24V batteries. With the help of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, our 12 and 24-volt jumper packs are the safest and most powerful products on the market.

The LiFePO4 power of our battery packs also speaks to their longevity. Compared to standard lithium cobalt jump packs, the battery charger lasts twice as long.

Benefits Of EarthX Jump Packs

Beyond the safety of our 12V-24V battery jump packs, this product has plenty of features that make it beneficial to users. Advantages include:

  • Holds a charge for up to a year
  • Total weight of only 4 pounds for easy storage and transportation
  • Integrated high-intensity LED flashlight for emergency needs
  • Unique rubber coating for firm gripping
  • USB ports for charging electronic devices

Buy A Lithium Battery Jump Pack From EarthX

EarthX all-in-one battery jump packs keep your LiFePO4 batteries running after they’ve run out of power. Add the battery charger with jumper cables to your cart today to prepare for those unexpected jump starts.

Want to experience the benefits of LiFePO4 batteries even further? Browse our 12V and 24V batteries today or contact our team with any questions.