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EarthX Lithium Battery Manuals

EarthX Batteries deliver exceptional life spans, high-performance power and easy installation to power vehicles as small as motorcycles and as large as aircraft. To get the most from your EarthX battery, reference our lithium battery user manuals to understand best practices for installation, maintenance and jump pack usage.

  • EarthX battery manual: This comprehensive manual explains the technology inside EarthX Batteries, describes normal and abnormal operation, guides you through installation and much more. Use this manual throughout the life span of your EarthX battery to use it safely and maintain its integrity. 
  • Battery box installation guide: Our battery boxes keep your batteries secure and provide a lightweight solution and easy installation for those who want a custom battery box. The battery box you use depends on the model battery you purchase, but the battery box installation guide applies to every product. 
  • Model-specific installation and maintenance manuals: EarthX carries various TSO-approved batteries for certified and experimental aircraft. Due to the stringent regulations in the aerospace industry, there are more in-depth requirements for the installation and maintenance of these products. Refer to these manuals to install your battery safely and remain compliant. We also have Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) of our ETX680-24 TSO battery.
  • Jump pack users manual: Jump packs are a valuable tool to repower EarthX Batteries. Learn how to use our jump packs safely and for the best results.

Count on EarthX Lithium Battery Instructions

At EarthX, we want you to get the most from your lithium iron phosphate batteries. Count on our instructions, and contact us if you have any questions.