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If you want a better alternative to lead-acid batteries, EarthX provides Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that are 80% lighter with higher cranking power. Browse our selection to find a new battery.

Support 12V and 24V Battery Demands

When starting your vehicle, the higher the voltage of the battery, the stronger and faster the engine will turn over. EarthX lithium iron phosphate batteries rest at 13.28V for 12V charging systems and 26.56V for 24-28V charging systems. This is significantly higher than a lead acid battery which means you will turn your engine over quickly, which also preserves your starter. Here are some typical vehicles or uses you will find a 12V or 24V battery needed.

  • 12-volt batteriesYou might use these batteries on smaller recreational vehicles like all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), motorcycles, scooter, drag race cars, snowmobiles, experimental aircraft, or certified aircraft. You also might need a 12V battery to power your portable equipment and it will be 80% lighter and last longer.
  • 24-volt batteriesYou’ll see 24-volt batteries in specialized uses like certified aircraft and experimental aircraft. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) also rely on 24V for custom equipment.

If you’re searching for a battery option that’s needed for your specific application, we do offer engineered solutions where we discuss your needs and can develop a custom battery if needed or help apply the off the shelf batteries to meet your needs.

When you want to increase the capacity and/or cranking power of your EarthX Batteries, you can use them in parallel for greater versatility.

If you’re looking for a new, lightweight, powerful battery for your powersport vehicle, such as a dirt bike, street bike, ATV, UTV, moped or snowmobile, look no further than EarthX lithium batteries.

Advantages of an Easy Installation

EarthX Batteries offer long life spans and high performance alongside an easy installation process. All EarthX Batteries have their terminals down the center for quick access and connection. Since these batteries use dry cell technology, they can be installed in any position. Whether the batteries fit best on their side or upside down, you can experience the benefits of EarthX performance.

An excellent feature of EarthX Batteries, is they can be smaller in physical dimensions as your lead acid battery if space is limited. But for fitment, they can also come with foam as needed to make the installation process simple.  The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) will provide monitoring to keep the cells in top performance mode to provide you longevity and performance as the battery operates.

Get Safe, Long-Lasting Power

EarthX Batteries provide your vehicle with the necessary power to crank your engine over. We have options for 12V and 24V batteries for all your battery needs. With the sophisticated built-in BMS, EarthX Batteries are ready to perform and exceed your expectations for the long term. As a testament to the quality standards EarthX batteries are designed to, we are the only company to achieve FAA TSO approval on a 12V battery and we also have a 24V FAA TSO approved battery too.

When you buy from us, you get a better, safer battery. Browse our selection and place your order, or contact us online for more information.