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As an innovative leader in battery production, EarthX has become an increasingly common name in the powersport and aviation markets. With our growth in these industries, we’ve earned recognition from leading magazines. Through our collection of featured articles, you can learn more about our batteries in real-life contexts and how our products are transforming markets one project at a time.

These articles often showcase our differentiators in the industry as well as spotlight fascinating projects that may inspire your own work. For example, Social Flight’s article details the process of building a T-51D Mustang and how our batteries played a role. Even aviation enthusiasts can find stories like these enjoyable and inspiring.

Other articles, like The Shocking Truth About Aircraft Batteries, explore the role of batteries in aviation, how you can best care for them and the best battery option to use for different types of aircraft. Articles like these can empower hobbies and careers with critical knowledge from leading experts in the industry. While EarthX may be where you start in your understanding of lithium iron phosphate batteries, there is plenty more to explore.

The EarthX team encourages you to delve into the rich information provided in our featured articles and learn why our lithium batteries are in the aviation market. With this newfound understanding of lithium batteries, you may find ways to leverage our products for your own products.

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