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Fact Sheets

EarthX lithium iron phosphate batteries offer a lightweight, high-performance alternative to lead acid batteries. To leverage your batteries to their fullest extent, you need to understand their best operating conditions, user tips and alternative battery uses. With our collection of lithium battery guidelines and fact sheets, you can use your EarthX Batteries with complete confidence.

Our fact sheets cover the following information:

  • Cold temperature operation: In real-world environments, EarthX Batteries may encounter below-freezing temperatures. We clarify myths about low-temperature operation and explain how not all batteries are the same and how to use your batteries in these environments.
  • Series/parallel operation: Learn details on what parallel and series means for batteries and how this applies to your operating system. With EarthX Batteries, all products are approved to work with up to two batteries in parallel and if you have a custom application, Contact us.
  • Battery box installation: Use this quick guide to install our battery boxes with confidence.
  • Start of season guidelines: When your battery has taken a seasonal break, we recommend a series of maintenance and testing steps to confirm your battery’s reliability and functionality.
  • Engine compartment installations: This guide explains the value of our thermal battery boxes and how they protect batteries installed in the engine compartment of an aircraft from convection or radiated heat that will shorten the life span of all types of chemistry batteries.
  • Dual bus design: Some experimental aircraft have two electrical buses, and we offer our professional advice on how to use our batteries for this bus design.
  • Engine charging systems: Learn about how engine charging systems work and how an EarthX Batteries is part of the charging system.

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