Shop EarthX Lithium Battery Accessories

EarthX carries a series of battery accessories to support your LiFePO4 battery and customize your usage.

About EarthX Battery Accessories

EarthX battery accessories include a range of parts and components you can use to improve user experience. Our accessory categories include:

  • Apparel: EarthX Official Gear! Shop baseball ball caps  that keep you covered. Literally. Designed for comfort, style and protection.  EarthX hats work on the run, on the green, or enjoying life’s outdoor sports.
  • Cables or External Power Plug: Use our EarthX battery connect cables to easily access your battery to charge or jump start your battery or external power plug.
  • LED lights/placard: Attach an LED indicator light to your aircraft panel to alert you of something outside of normal conditions. Use our placard to determine what different light patterns mean.
  • Over-voltage protection and empty cases: Integrate over-voltage protection devices to instantly shut off your alternator when the voltage exceeds an unsafe level.
  • Terminal adapters: Count on our adapter kits when your vehicle requires side-mounted or front-mounted battery cables over top-mounting.
  • Vent tubing, STC kits and foam inserts: This accessory category is for modifications with supplemental type certificates (STCs) for aircraft. Buy complete lithium battery STC kits, or vent tubing and foam inserts separately.

The Benefits of Buying Battery Accessories

Our battery accessories are an excellent way to get more from your LiFePO4 battery. With the help of these accessories, you can:

  • Charge and jump start your battery
  • Change the cable positioning of your battery
  • Identify battery issues when they arise
  • Protect your battery from exceeding safe voltage
  • Easy and professional installation

Shop All Accessories for Lithium Batteries

From battery protection devices to connection cables, our battery accessories can help you get the most from your EarthX Batteries. Browse our accessory inventory and outfit your EarthX Batteries with everything you require. Need help finding the right accessories? Get in touch with our team.