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Charging Versatility With EarthX Batteries

EarthX Batteries use an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) to balance the batteries as they charge. This capability is a major benefit to users because a specialty charger isn’t required for your EarthX Batteries to perform.

The BMS uses a microprocessor that monitors the cells to keep them in an optimal state to insure performance and longevity. The system also protects the battery as it functions. With the BMS, charging practices are important but not critical to battery performance. The BMS handles many of the complexities of charging, so you don’t have to.

With the BMS ensuring balance, you can enjoy more flexibility in battery usage. Additionally, EarthX Batteries offer high discharge capacities and fast charging speeds.

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Recommended Lithium Battery Chargers

As the owner of a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery from EarthX, you may want to invest in a dedicated charger directly from our site. We offer several chargers for EarthX Batteries. Products we carry include:

Best Lithium Battery Charging Practices

All batteries wear down over time and lose capacity and cranking abilities. Both scenarios mean the battery will be less powerful over time. To maintain battery performance and extend it’s life, follow these charging practices:

  • Follow minimum voltage requirements and keep batteries charged at this value or higher.
  • Use a plug-in charger over a jump start whenever possible.
  • Avoid leaving your battery discharged for any period of time.

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If you need a power source for your lithium batteries, EarthX has several charging options for 12- to 28-volt batteries. Browse our selection of chargers to find the best choice for your needs, and place your order today.