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Press Releases

EarthX commits to innovation in every sense, and our lithium iron phosphate batteries are a testament to our endeavors. In the world of EarthX lithium batteries, we believe our news is worth sharing. Through our press releases, the EarthX team shares accomplishments, describes new product developments and showcases how our batteries start aircraft; motorcycles; ATVs; UTVs; snowmobiles; OEM equipment and much more.

At EarthX, we are committed to creating lithium batteries that power the aviation industry. Developments in this sector are frequent, and information related to LiFePO4 batteries points to success for EarthX and the value of our innovation.

See how our products change the world and stay informed about the real-world applications of our products. Aircraft using EarthX lithium batteries may be an exciting development now, but we intend to become the standard for these critical machines. As we continue to create products for certified aircraft and experimental aircraft in alignment with industry standards, our batteries will outshine lead acid counterparts.

We are the first and only company in the world to offer a 12V FAA TSO approved lithium battery for aviation use, and this critical industry shift is only the beginning and we also have a 24V FAA TSO battery.  Follow our developments as a brand and innovator while we take on new projects and defy the perceived limits of various industries.

Stay Updated and Count on Our Products

Learn more about who we are and how we’re changing the industry in our press releases. Explore our products today to experience the high performance of EarthX lithium iron phosphate batteries.