EarthX Lithium Batteries is proud and excited to be the battery of choice in the newly released 2024 Cirrus G7 aircraft model.  This aircraft comes with many new upgrades and features and is one of many OEM’s making the switch to the EarthX batteries.

Why make the switch?

  1. The weight savings is phenomenal; you go from a 26.5-pound battery to a 7.2-pound battery. This weight savings can increase your useful load, save fuel costs, increase climb rate, and have shorter take off roll.
  2. The capacity of the lead acid battery was 11Ah, the EarthX is 11.7Ah, a slight increase.
  3. The cold cranking of the lead acid battery was 160, the EarthX is 400, more than double the cranking.
  4. The life span of the lead acid is rated at 3 years, the life span of the EarthX battery is 6 years.
  5. The EarthX cannot freeze, boil over, lose electrolyte, corrode, or sulfate. Zero caustic acid.
  6. On average, this battery is only $100 more than the lead acid battery it is replacing.
  7. But one of the most exciting features, that lead acid battery cannot provide as there is no way to implement a battery management system inside the unit (acid does not play well with others), is digital communications directly to the pilot, from state of charge, capacity, temperature of the battery itself, to a fault condition so there is no guess work of wondering how “good” or “not” your battery is. This provides useful information not only for the pilot, but also your mechanic, to make the best informed decisions.

“It was an excellent experience working with the innovative engineering team at Cirrus. We are even more excited about the adoption of this superior technology in the certified aircraft market with many more OEM’s working on making the switch too. The heavy lead acid battery is one of the oldest technologies still used in aircraft today, and it’s been long overdue for an upgrade.” Kathy Nicoson – Sales Director

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