EarthX, Inc. is proud to announce that Kaolin Aviation,  a Distributor for the UL Power Engines, and Wheels and Wings in Florida has become representatives of the EarthX brand.

Kaolin Aviation is a service center for UL Power engines and a full service aviation maintenance company which offers builder assistance services located in Sandersville, Georgia. Kaolin Aviation is also the designer and developer for Fire Wall Forward (FWF) Kits for installing UL Power engines into various kit airplanes.

Wheels and Wings is located in Florida and offers builder assistance and is an authorized dealer for UL Engines too.

UL Power light aircraft engines are truly modern engines featuring FADEC (full authority digital engine control) with multi-point electronic fuel injection, and dual electronic ignition (with variable timing), excellent power-to-weight ratio, and high fuel efficiency in a conventional configuration: Air-cooled, direct drive, horizontally opposed four-cylinder. UL Power Engines have been developed specifically for use in light aircraft and are manufactured to the highest standards which is why they recommend the EarthX brand of lithium batteries in conjunction with their engines for a light but powerful experience.

Check out UL Power at or email Kaolin Aviation at or Wheels and Wings at