With EarthX, you gain the quality and performance you want from your lithium batteries. Our experienced team commits to innovation and industry best practices to deliver batteries you can trust. We only source high-quality materials for our batteries, and we support every product with attentive customer service. The aircraft specific batteries are the ETX Hundred series, do not use the power sport batteries as they do not have all the same safety features as the aircraft specific ones.

As a veteran-owned, U.S.-based company, we’re proud to provide the batteries you require for your experimental aircraft.

Advantages Of Utilizing EarthX Batteries For Experimental Aircraft

EarthX lithium batteries offer many benefits for experimental aircraft, including:

  • Lightweight materials: Our lithium batteries use cutting edge technology that lead to a much lighter battery and more powerful batteries as compared to lead acid counterparts. There’s about an 80% weight savings over a comparable lead acid battery for instant weight savings. Example: the PC680 weighs 15 pounds and has 170CCA. The EarthX ETX680 weighs 4 pounds and has 320CCA. Lighter weight makes installation easier and improves the handling of your aircraft.
  • Increased cranking power: EarthX Batteries do not experience the large voltage drops as lead acid batteries experience to provide you a consistent and powerful startup every time you use your aircraft.
  • Safe performance: EarthX Batteries feature a state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors performance and prevents overcharging and over discharging. The BMS is key to the longevity of our batteries.
  • Long-lasting: With the help of the BMS, our lithium batteries can last up to six years, even with heavy use in your experimental aircraft.

Our Commitment To Powering Aviation

Innovation drives us, and we continue to develop our batteries for use in the aviation industry. We are the first and only company in the world to have a 12V FAA TSO approved lithium battery for aviation use, and this is only the beginning. Our engineers have more TSO approved models in the works to make a significant impact on this industry. We currently also have a 24V FAA TSO battery offering.

Lead acid batteries have been at the forefront of aircraft power for decades, but we want to see change. Our developments in lithium iron phosphate batteries offer greater power, performance and safety for aircraft of all types. Be prepared to see new aircraft on the market that come with EarthX Batteries straight from the manufacturer.

We have goals in the aviation industry to make changes for the betterment of all, and we’re offering our support wherever we can with a Veteran owned and operated company in the USA.

Find EarthX Lithium Batteries For Your Experimental Aircraft

At EarthX, we are committed to developments in aviation. Explore our 12V and 24V lithium battery models to find the right product for your experimental aircraft. Questions? Contact us today. The