ETX900-TSO 35 STC Bundle


SKU: ETX900-TSO 35 STC Bundle

ETX900-TSO (FAA Approved for GA Aircraft)

EarthX is excited to update and upgrade one of the oldest technologies still used in general aviation with the FAA TSO approved ETX900-TSO model lithium battery!  This lithium iron phosphate battery will provide you a massive weight savings, increased life span, and more cranking power. Aircraft manufacturers are making the switch to this type of technology with Type Certificated aircraft and we are adding hundreds of aircraft models to the AML STC, which we provide to you free of charge.


“The conditions and test required for TSO approval of this article are minimum performance standards. Those installing this article either on or within a specific type or class of aircraft must determine that the article installation conditions are within the TSO standards. The article may be installed only according to 14 CFR part 43 or the applicable airworthiness requirements.”

If you need the 8130-3 form for international orders, it is an additional fee of $150 per battery and must be requested prior to shipping.


STC installation kit to be used with the ETX900-TSO. Use for replacing a Concorde or Gill 35 Ah battery.

Kits are non-returnable. You may not use all the pieces in the kit; no parts can be returned.