EarthX lithium batteries are excited to announce the FAA STC approval for all the PA series aircraft listed below.

  • Piper PA-12 – Super Cruiser
  • Piper PA-18 – Super Cub
  • Piper PA-20 – Pacer
  • Piper PA-22 – Pacer
  • Piper PA-24 – Comanche
  • Piper PA-32 – Cherokee Six


SAVE 15-17 pounds instantly and increase the cranking power and longevity of your battery!

The ETX900-TSO battery at 5.4 pounds and has 390CCA cranking ability. The STC replaces the Gill RG-25, which is a 21 pound, 225CCA cranking battery, and the Concorde RG-25 22.75 battery at 375CCA! 

Less weight means fuel savings, shorter take off distance, better climb rate, and more useful load.

  • ETX900-TSO Battery retails for $699.
  • Installation kit and STC retails for $195.

Upgrade now!