Kathy and Reg Nicoson of EarthX, Inc. explain what you need to know.

By Jared Yates

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“Lithium batteries…those are the ones that explode, right?” Kathy Nicoson, global sales director for EarthX, Inc., says this is the question she hears the most. Even though she’s heard it a thousand times, if you ask her this short question, she will smile kindly and provide as long of an answer as you would like to receive.

EarthX is a Colorado-based company that has sold tens of thousands of lithium batteries in the motorcycle and powersports industry since 2009, and has sold thousands of their aviation-specific battery since 2015. As Kathy points out, EarthX batteries were being installed in airplanes long before EarthX sold an aviation-specific battery. It didn’t take long for builders of Experimental/Amateur-Built airplanes to see the lightweight appeal of lithium batteries available for powersports applications, and they have been installing them in aircraft for years.

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