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EarthX offers a series of 12V lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries that deliver the performance you require for your vehicle at a fraction of the weight of a lead acid battery.

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Common Uses for 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

EarthX 12V lithium batteries are suitable for many applications. Some of the most common uses include:

  • ATVs: All-terrain vehicles are designed and used for recreational or work type applications with many different features for your application. The size and power of these vehicles lends itself to powerful lightweight 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • UTVs: Utility terrain vehicles are meant for off-roading, like ATVs, but they have an enclosure for the seats and are often designed for work applications over recreational ones.
  • Snowmobiles: Snowmobiles are like the ATVs of snow and ice. These machines use skis instead of wheels and benefit from the power of a LiFePo4 battery.
  • Motorcycles and scooters: These vehicles operate on two wheels with high power requirements, and 12V lithium starter batteries can deliver.
  • Drag race cars: Drag racing comes with low weight requirements and durability demands. Our 12V lithium batteries can handle the job.
  • Experimental or certified aircraft: Small planes can benefit from the power capabilities of 12V lithium batteries and weigh 80% less than an equivalent lead acid battery.

Benefits of 12V Lithium Batteries

Our 12V lithium batteries are a great choice for your ATV and beyond for several reasons. You can count on EarthX Batteries because they are:

  • Lightweight: Compared to lead acid equivalents, 12V lithium batteries are about 80% lighter, making them easier to install and reducing the overall weight of your vehicle.
  • Eco-friendly: EarthX Batteries are nontoxic, nonhazardous and nonpoisonous. Unlike lead acid batteries, there is no potential of spilling acid.
  • Long-lasting: While you can trust LiFePo4 batteries to improve starting performance, they also have a life span up to six years. Our 12V batteries have a slower discharge rate than lead acid counterparts, meaning you have to charge them less often.
  • Safe: Thanks to the integrated Battery Management System (BMS), all EarthX 12V batteries have monitoring features that protect the cells and ensure superior performance and longer life spans.

Charging 12V Lithium Batteries 

EarthX 12V batteries charge up to three times faster than lead acid equivalents. Keep these charging tips in mind:

  • Use an EarthX-recommended charger for the best results.
  • Maintain your battery at its minimum voltage of 13.28V or higher for a longer life span.
  • Use a “plug in the wall” charger for discharge batteries before engine start attempts or jumpstarting for best performance and longevity.

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