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Reduced weight = more horsepower!

EarthX is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE battery manufacturer for the Indy Race Cars! When the win matters, choose the best!

Physically speaking, shedding pounds is just like adding horse power to your race vehicle. Weight reduction can be very expensive, but you can reduce 80% of the weight instantly by switching from you heavy lead acid battery to an EarthX lithium battery at a fraction of the cost.

To choose the correct battery for your race car you need to first consider the amount of current your alternator puts out. Once you know your max output of amperage your alternator puts out, then you need to know how much cranking amps you need to turn the engine over. Match those up and you know which battery to choose.

Battery Model Alternator Output Weight (lbs) PCA
ETX1600 x 2 More than 160 amps 17.8 lbs 3000
ETX1600 160 amps or less 8.9 lbs 1600
ETX1200 120 amps or less 6.9 lbs 1200
ETX900 80 amps or less 4.9 lbs 840
ETX680/C 60 amps or less 3.9 lbs 680

If you have more than 160 amp alternator, you will have to put 2 batteries in parallel to handle the current.  Click here for tables and detailed explanation about this:

You don’t have to have a McLaren P1 or a Porsche Boxster to have a lithium battery in your vehicle! An EarthX lithium battery not only provides insane cranking power but also last much longer than a lead acid battery; they do not freeze; boil over; sulfate; or corrode. No need of worrying about acid getting on your paint job. Lithium batteries are ideal for performance automobiles where weight and power are essential. If you drive every day, your charging system will keep your battery charged but if you want to sit with your engine off and listen to the radio, or you vehicles sits in the garage, be aware you need to keep it on a battery maintainer charged so it is ready to go when you are.

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