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If you need a long-lasting, powerful, safe and environmentally friendly battery to replace an outdated lead-acid one, turn to EarthX. With the advanced technology of EarthX Batteries, you can see performance benefits that exceed your expectations. We offer 12-volt and 24-volt batteries with all the accessories you need to keep them running for years of use. EarthX batteries offer massive cranking power with a higher resting voltage than a lead acid battery providing unbelievable engine starting power. They can also be used as a deep cycle battery providing you with one of the most versatile batteries out there, and at a fraction of the weight.

EarthX Lithium Batteries

What Are EarthX Batteries?

EarthX Batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry to deliver powerful starting energy to your vehicle or application. This chemistry provides the highest, most robust performance and safest power on the market. EarthX assembles, engineers and designs all our batteries in the United States, allowing us to monitor the production process closely for the best result and provide excellent customer service. 

Select EarthX Batteries are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use in certified aircraft. They operate well in a temperature range from +60 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius, the largest operating range available. With safety certifications and an extensive operating range, these batteries serve many uses.

EarthX is very excited about the release of the new cirrus SR22 G7 aircraft, complete with an EarthX battery! When innovation and quality meet, great things happen!

As of 2-28-2024: Approved STC for Cub Crafter CC19 and Top Cub cC18 aircraft!

Why EarthX Batteries?

Battery Management System

All EarthX batteries come standard with a BMS (battery management system) for performance, safety, and longevity.

Made in the USA

The batteries are engineered and manufactured in Windsor, Colorado. EarthX is proud to be an American and veteran (Navy) owned company.

FAA Approved

EarthX is committed to research and development and is the first company in history to achieve an FAA TSO approved 12V certified lithium battery for aircraft. EarthX also has a 24V FAA TSO battery and is attaining new STC's monthly!

Uses of EarthX Batteries

Use EarthX lithium batteries to power anything from small land vehicles to larger aircraft. You can find various battery options for each motor vehicle or aircraft. Choose 12V or 24V options to suit your vehicle demands.

Here are some applications our batteries work for:

Benefits of Using EarthX Batteries

If you currently use lead-acid batteries for your power, switching to our lithium batteries offers many advantages, including:

Weight Reduction

Lithium batteries are 80% lighter than lead-acid equivalents, meaning you get better performance and speed from aircraft or racing vehicles or seriously lighten the load of carrying around equipment that is battery operated.

Speedy Charging

These batteries charge two to three times faster than lead-acid so you enjoy less downtime during charging.


In the 12-volt series, you get a resting voltage of 13.28 volts which will crank over your engine faster and better. Lead-acid batteries get only 12.6 volts at resting voltage.

Long-lasting Usability

Typical life span for an EarthX lithium batteries is up to 6 years before you need a replacement.

Flexible Mounting

EarthX has a proprietary design that allows these batteries to be installed upside down or sideways without fear of leaking acid and damaging your vehicle or equipment. With the center terminals, you just need to rotate the battery 180 degress to have the polarity you need. Never order the wrong polarity battery again.

Environmentally Friendly Interior

Lead-acid batteries cause harm to the environment when they leak. Lithium batteries are nonhazardous, nontoxic and nonpoisonous. They will not sulfate, boil over, freeze or corrode.

EarthX Batteries also offer benefits over other lithium batteries. We provide a state-of-the-art comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors charge levels and protects from overcharge or over-discharge. The BMS gives thermal protection, short circuit protection and built-in cell balancing.

We also test all batteries to industry standards, including SAE, UL and CE. We are the only lithium battery company to have 12V battery that meet FAA Technical Standard Orders (TSO), meaning they satisfy extreme safety standards for equipment used in general aviation aircraft. 

Group of EarthX Lithium Batteries

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